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  House Sitting Services:

We look after your home

Unoccupied homes are prime targets for burglars and vandals. Our monitoring services provide you with peace of mind while you’re away.

Action Checklist

We design an action checklist based on your unique needs and concerns and our inspection results.

If anything needs attention

If an issue arises in your absence, it will be dealt with in a manner that best suits the issue AND your personal preferences.
How We Work

Below is an example of a customized Home/Property Watch Check List


✓ Inspect garage, cars, golf cart

✓ Inspect trash cans, move out for pick up if needed

✓ Check timed lights

✓ Monitor landscaping

✓ Water plants and/or garden

✓ Move items around so that the yard looks “lived in”

✓ Check that all doors and windows are secured


✓ Water plants and/or garden

✓ Check water level in pool

✓ Vacuum and skim pool

✓ Pick up any fallen debris from trees, etc

✓ Check patio and or lawn furniture



✓ Check and deactivate security system

✓ Check circuit breakers

✓ Turn on water main

✓ Check air condition/heater

✓ Walk through interior room by room

✓ Check windows and doors

✓ Flush all toilets, check for leaks

✓ Flush all faucets, shower heads, check for leaks

✓ Check for leaks in kitchen

✓ Check for unusual odors

✓ Inspect garage, cars, kayaks, boats

✓ Inspect trash cans, move out for pick up if needed

✓ Check timed lights

✓ If lights are not on timers, rotate those that are on or off

✓ Check for any termite or other invaders

Hire Us to Watch Over Your Home

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