New Smyrna Beach Snowbirds
and Travelers,
relax and know your home is safe while you are away

Property Watch, New Smyrna Beach
House Sitters

July 2021 announcement

property watch nsb for sale

Home is precious.
Plants and gardens are made with love.
Treasured items are filled with memories and sweetness.
You want to know they are all being cared for while you are away.

In addition, when you are away from your home you can be vulnerable to any number of dangers: break-ins, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, mold, storms, … to name a few. You can take preventative measures to insure that all will be okay. But, there is nothing better for your peace of mind than knowing that a trusted person is checking on your home and tending to your property.

In the case of an emergency, we will handle it in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way based your individual needs and preferred services.

Give us a call at 386.690.1747 anytime.
We are here to give you peace-of-mind.